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Japanese Bento Accessory – Rabbit and Bear shaped Egg molds for Bento Decoration


These rabbit and bear shaped egg molds are so much of fun and easy to use. Eggs look simply adorable and add lot of cuteness to your Bento lunch box.

How to make Rabbit and Bear shaped Eggs?

how to make rabbit and bear eggs

  • Hard Boil the eggs and peel off the skin.
  • Place the hard boiled eggs into the rabbit and bear molds. Make sure your eggs are hot or warm.

cute Japanese egg molds

  • Clip both molds and lock.
  • Transfer them to a refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

how to make cute eggs for bento box

  • Then remove eggs out of the molds.

cute bunny and bear shaped eggs

  • And your cute rabbit and bear eggs are ready for bento box decoration.

bunny or rabbit shaped egg japanese

  • Enjoy and have a blissful time. :)