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How to make Pom poms with Tissue Papers?


Pom poms are quick and easy to make. They are gorgeous way to enhance your celebration. I made these pom poms decoration for ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’ (Hindu festival celebrated in India on the birthday of Lord Ganesha). I made Ganesha Idol at home. You may want to check out how I made it. Here is step by step tutorial – Ganesha Idol made from Magazine papers.

how to make ganesha idol at home

I put so much of energy making this idol that I had no stamina to make some extra-ordinary decoration. So I made these simple pom poms with tissue papers quickly and hanged them behind Idol. Aren’t they looking beautiful?

You can experiment with different colors of tissue papers and make some multicolored pom poms.

how to make pom poms

  • Place 10-12 sheets of tissue paper on each other. If you want to make multicolored pom poms, then place different colored sheets of tissue papers.
  • Fold all the sheets together as shown in picture.
  • Take a cello tape and stick around at middle of bunch to tie all sheets together. You may use thread instead of cello tape.
  • Cut the ends to give a petal like shape.
  • Now start spreading the folds. Now separate each sheet from one another and puff it up. Be gentle while separating sheets, you don’t want to tear them.

diy tissue papers pom poms

For making small sized pom poms, divide the bunch of sheets into 2 equal parts and repeat the same procedure.

small pom poms from tissue papers


how to make pom poms with tissue papers

Once you are done with separating petals, attach string and hang them wherever you want. Enjoy and have a blissful time! :)