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Sanskar bharti Rangoli


Sanskar Bharti Rangoli is a traditional and beautiful decorative design made on the floor during festive occasions in Maharashtra (India). This is symbol of welcoming the guests and bringing positivity, prosperity in home. It has many symbolic icons which are religious like swastika, Lord Ganesha, lotus flower, Lakshmi step, and many more. It is really eye pleasing with bright colors and stands out due to bold designs made with white rangoli. For making this type of rangoli, all five fingers of hand are used, so design turns out bit bold and looks very attractive. Now a days some people use funnel to make the design. This way design looks more smooth and neat. But I think drawing with five fingers (called ‘pach boti rangoli’ in marathi) gives the traditional look. I personally never use funnel, I always draw this rangoli with five fingers.

Here I am sharing some of my sanskar bharti rangoli designs I made on the occasion of diwali. I have used holi colors and very smooth white rangoli. Traditionally, this rangoli is made using holi colors but if these are not available to you, you can use simple rangoli colors. Make sure you use bright colors. Bright colors will give festive touch and don’t forget to put diyas (little earthen lamps) on it. These little lamps enhances the beauty of rangoli. These images I already posted on my blog –

Here I am reposting the images-

sanskar bhari rangoli with diwali diya


sanskar bharti rangoli design  for diwali


sanskar bharti rangoli for diwali


sanskar bharti rangoli design


sanskar bharti rangoli designs by poonam borkar