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Korean Street Food : Sweet and Crispy Korean Fried Chicken (dakkangjung)


Korean Fried Chicken

‘Dak kang jung’ is a traditional Korean dish made with chicken. It is made with chunks of chicken, coated with eggs, starch powder and pepper powder. Then fried and put into a sweet and tangy sauce made with soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and vinegar. This is an amazingly delicious Korean Chicken dish I ate recently. The color of the sauce makes it look super tempting. If you ever get a chance to eat Korean food, do not miss to taste this sweet and crispy chicken. Till then enjoy the pictures I took at street stall. In the picture you can see fried chicken separately. Stall owner mixed the fried chicken into a sauce while serving. She also topped it up with little mustard sauce. Isn’t it looking scrumptious?

Korean street food


Korean chicken


Crispy and sweet fried Korean Chicken


Korean chicken street food