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How to make Ganesha idol Using Papers?


Hello Friends, I hope you are having a great time. Today, I have something very interesting to show you all. I made ganesha idol at home on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Being away from home is something that inspired me to make this. Though it is not superior like the store bought, but the pleasure I got while making this is priceless. Last time I made ganesha with salt dough and some colored clay, so this time I wanted to try something different. So here is my homemade ganesha idol.

how to make ganesha idol at home

I took the inspiration from my Sanskar bharti rangoli.

sanskar bharti ganesha pattern

Tutorial: How to make Ganesha idol at home?

  • First of all, make the balls with papers. You need to use lot of cello tape to make a firm ball. You can use magazine papers or newspapers, choice is yours. Arrange those balls one above other and cover them with more papers to make big ball and shape it like a stomach by pressing with hands. Then make a comparatively small ball and place it onto a stomach. Use cello tape to attach head with stomach.
  • Then make a roll of papers and use cello tape to make it firm to give a trunk like shape. Attach trunk onto head. Then make hands, and legs as shown in picture. For making the ears, use any box. Draw shape of ears and cut. Attach to head with cello tape. Make two big tooth with paper and attach. As you can see in picture I forgot to make teeth at this point but later I made and attached before sticking tissue papers. Make sure you use lot of cello tape; otherwise the shape can get distorted. Once you are finished with paper work, it will look like this.

ganesha idol made with papers

  • Take 1/2 cup of water into a bowl. Add white glue and mix well.

white school glue

  • Use paint brush to spread glue. Make small pieces of tissue papers. Stick those onto the statue with diluted glue. Make 5-6 layers of tissue paper, so that magazine paper will get completely covered.

paper mache ganesha idol tutorial

  • Let it dry for a day. After drying it will look like this.

how to make eco friendly ganesha from paper

  • On next day, get ready with all your painting stuff.

painting stuff for ganesha idol

  • Paint with the colors of your choice.

golden acrylic color


lord ganesha idol made using tissue papers


violet acrylic color


eco friendly homemade ganesha

  • I used golden acrylic color for body and violet for dhoti (cloths).
  • Once you are finished with coloring, let it dry for 4-5 hours.
  • Make eyes and do detailing with markers. Make designs the way you like. If you wish, you can decorate it further with some kundan, stones and pearls. This is how my ganesha looked like finally.

how to make ganesha idol from papers at home

I hope you enjoyed making Ganesha with me. Leave me the comments if you liked my ideas. Have a great and blissful day! :)

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    i like your idea very much i am going to make that kind of idol now

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    actually i am a muslim but i belive in hindu

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  • raish

    i am making it now

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    i painted a goddess ganga idol than kept a candle the fire was very scared it dnt even move

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    Wow it’s good idea
    I also making ganesh and support to
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    Aap par ganesh ji ki krupa hamesha bani rahe