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Indian Summer Party Theme


I am very excited to post my first party decoration theme today. I had been creatively googling the pictures and pinning onto pinterest since last week. I came with some creative themes to enhance your party to make your loved one feel special. So, my very first party theme is inspired from Indian summer. The reason why I love this theme is its elegance and refreshing colours. Indian summer refers to a period of considerably above-normal temperatures in autumn. This period is particularly warm and has dry weather which occurs at the end of summer.


I love the fall colours. Red, oranges, little yellow and green makes perfect eye pleasing combination. I took inspiration from colours and came up with below ideas.



Courtesy: Celebrate It

First of all select your invitation card. I think the fall leaves invitation card would be the perfect match to this theme. I would suggest making invitation card yourself, so that you can explore your creativity and please your guests even more. I will post some tutorials on how to make different invitation cards at home soon. If you are way too lazy to make those, don’t worry you will get tons of cards online. I liked the below card. You can use this card as this is free for download or you can go for something of that sort.


Wreath to welcome your guests


Courtesy: Google

How about this hanging front door pumpkin wreath? Isn’t it beautiful and perfect match to our color scheme? You can buy such wreath and hang them on front door.


Courtesy: Inspiration for home

Placing the lanterns on stairs would give magical beauty to your house. I found these beaded Moroccan inspired lanterns which I think perfect to go with our theme.

Table decoration


Courtesy: decor4all 


Courtesy: decor4all 


Courtesy: decor4all 

Setting up the table is important part of any party decoration. I suggest to use light orange table runners and sand candle table centerpiece  Glass beads table decorations with orange and yellow colors looks so beautiful. decor4all has very beautiful table decoration ideas. Do visit their site.

Tissue Pom Poms

Courtesy: Asian Wedding Ideas


Courtesy: decor4all

Dress up the party venue with some refreshing orange and yellow pom poms and place some candle holder lamps.

Dress up for the party



Ask your guests to wear their summer outfits having some orange, yellow shades on it. How about this stunning yellow and orange evening dress?


Courtesy: Google

Put on some cool accessories and you are ready to rock and roll in party.

Food and Drink

Now here comes the most important and my favorite section. Being a food blogger, I love to experiment with food and flavors. I searched lots of recipes on Internet and got some really interesting and scrumptious food recipes which I think perfect for our theme. Of course these are just some ideas by which you can build your own menu.

Patriotic Pasta Salad by Lucero Olive Oil



Courtesy: Lucero Olive Oil

Couscous-Stuffed Peppers by rd


Courtesy: rd

Spicy Carrot Salad by Fatfree Vegan Kitchen


Courtesy: Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Mini Orange Cupcakes by Crazy about Cakes


Courtesy: Crazy about Cakes

Sunny Orange Lemonade by Taste of home


Courtesy: Taste of home

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do not forget to leave your response; I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for being with me and I will see you soon with next party decoration theme. Have a great day.